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March 19, 2012
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For a community that emphasizes Love and Tolerance, there sure is a lot of Hate and Intolerance. That's right. I'm looking at you bronies.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm a brony too...or rather a pegasister...whatever you want to call it. But the reason why I'm calling out on you guys is because the community is full of hypocrisy. Love and Tolerate, my foot! Just look at the Derpy Hooves situation.

And no, I'm NOT going to share what I feel about that! This is purely to demonstrate that there is something wrong here! I'm sure you all remember the change iTunes made to The Last Roundup. There was an outrage. Is it okay to be angry? Sure. Is it okay to lash out at other fans whom you think may be responsible? No. Is it okay to send death threats to said fans you think may be responsible? Absolutely not!

DERPY HOOVES IS JUST A CARTOON CHARACTER. DON'T TAKE IT OUT ON REAL PEOPLE. I understand that some people are more passionate about their ponies than others. But when that passion drives you to attack real people, that's crossing the line. And they're bronies, just like you! If you can't even love and tolerate each other, how can you possibly do the same with non-bronies?

I'm not saying ALL of you bronies are like this, but from what I've seen and heard, there were quite a lot of you doing this. If people don't like Derpy, that's fine. Heck, even if they HATE her, that's fine. And it doesn't matter what the reason is. It could be very personal to them or it could just be that she bothers them. Now if they're trolls...well, just ignore them. They're trolls. That's what they do.

The first step to tolerating is to accept people's opinions and not lash out at them. In fact, I find it's better not to try to convince them why [insert character or series here] is so cool. Often, the phrase "Haters gonna hate" holds true in these situations and it gets you nowhere. The best thing to do is to just not say anything at all. Might I suggest you find some other way to vent if someone's opinions anger you? Well, you could just watch whatever it is you love so much (in this case, ponies) to make you feel better. Or you could take out some bad guys in whatever FPS games you guys play these days. Heck, even jogging or using a punching bag could release some of that steam. All these ideas can keep you from causing a futile argument.

Now, on to loving and tolerating "non-bronies"...

I know there are people who hate certain series because of the fans, and MLP: FiM is no exception. If they're being rather harsh or jerkish about it, don't attack them! You're just proving their point! Like with the Derpy example, don't say anything at all. It isn't necessary. Again, if they're trolling or seem like they're trolling, ignore them. They just want attention. And you'd be letting them get that attention if you respond. Or they could just want a reaction out of you, which, again, you'd be letting them win if you respond. This also applies to if they just don't like the show.

One more thing, I happened to notice a group called "Sane MLP Fans". I suddenly remembered something one of my friends said about using specific terms...and I quote:

"...making a specific term [...] is just another way to categorize and segregate. Everyone has their own way of enjoying their fandoms, so in the end it's all rather silly, isn't it?"

Fellow bronies, don't try to separate yourself from the others. Really, I don't think anyone will even notice the difference or care. I'm sure they know that not ALL bronies are stark-raving crazy, but there are enough that it drives away the appeal of the show. Or if you REALLY want to prove them wrong, just act the way YOU want to be remembered. Who knows, you may make another good friend.

I'm not perfect. None of us are. But if we're about Loving and Tolerating, we need to actually show it. There are so many unnecessary wars and arguments that are started because we fail to do what bronies are supposed to be all about.

And this doesn't apply to just bronies. Sure, it's mainly directed at bronies (because I find it very hard to not notice what goes on in BronyVille), but everyone could learn from this. Respect the opinions of your fellow deviants, no matter how crazy or stupid they may seem. Make the community a better place.

A message for bronies about Love and Tolerance.
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Stalc Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Brony or not hate is always followed up with love you can't have one without the other because there is no such thing as just love on its own there will be hate and people can hate easily more often than love though that could be purely under circumstance I guess or not.
eatpraylove Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very interesting. Thank you for posting this.
DarkDijinArtie89 Mar 31, 2012  Student General Artist
Consider this:

It's a TV show that's based on a toy-line that's marketed towards girls in a sexist way, let alone paints a stereotype that horses are pussies and for pussies. Then factor in that FiM is done by a 30+ year old woman who gets paid millions of dollars to draw like a 10 year old weeaboo and creates a setting in a wonder-bread fairytale version of New England with all sorts of unfortunate implications under the hood...

Thus, I can see why some people won't like the show. Personally, I've been a fan of MLP since the early days, and I can say that FiM is not the greatest thing ever. Then again, I enjoy things for what they are and don't expect everyone to agree with me.

However, I still do not understand the drama about Ditzy Derpy Doo... Hasbro can do what they want with their characters, it's their franchise after all.
I used to really like this show. Then, all the people going "OH MY CELESTIA HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THIS SHOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" really soured it up for me. I don't know, It just does.

That and the awful amount of homophobia in this fandom. Everyone is always like "NO WE'RE NOT GAY AND RD IS NOT A LESBIAN!", to the point where "gay" tends to be thrown around as an insult back and forth. Bronies give less than a buck if someone happens to find their incredibly defensive attitude and constant indirect gay bashing somewhat offensive, and if you happen to bring this up, you're "obviously a troll hater". In the end, It just fell out on me, the fandom got so annoying I didn't want anything to do with the show ever again. Of course, I know not every brony out there is like this, but there were so many people like this, I just couldn't handle it anymore.

I just felt like sharing this little experience with you. This was a nice read :)
Still some of the fan outrage here was justifiable, including my own as I think "correcting" Derpy is more offensive then Derpy herself.
MizuTakishima Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for writing this ; 3 ;
trickybloodrose Mar 19, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Wait, i'm a slight brony myself and i have no idea what you're talkin' about ;n; someone got attacked??
LadyKotohime Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Not physically, but verbally...err...cyberly...It's very complicated. Long story short, a very popular background character was changed, people saw someone write to the creators about how said character was offensive, people got mad and gave death threats. Over 20 pages worth.
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